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Ydoc Nameloc

Watching Users:

Amber LeighGlennKapporethMattLauLauCurtisRianaGNikkigroovychickluvmibugWatercolorcaptamarionetteKeigraciecatSchalaSypriaSound Peep

Watched By:

Kapporeth LauLau Curtis Sound Peep Kei Schala
Real Name : Cody
Age : 34
Joined On : 2009-03-08
Last Seen : 2018-02-21
Twitter : YdocNameloc
Website :
Likes : Stuff, <a href= s1.php >Things</a>
Dislikes : not stuff and even less stuff
Favorite Quote : "There is no such thing as just a job. Whatever takes up your time, takes up your life."
Description : Hey everyone! If you have any questions or comments please drop them by an email, tweet, or simply PM me on the site. Either way, it is good to have you!
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Current Comments

16 comments so far (post your own)

Did the forum go down or did you just get rid of it since I was probably the only one who ever posted there? And sometimes Phoenix.

Posted by Schala on Saturday, 11.21.15 @ 20:26pm | #106 |

Yeah I think it was with updating my profile x)

Posted by Sound Peep on Saturday, 05.21.11 @ 22:37pm | #98 |

I haz prawblumz lolcatz

Posted by Sound Peep on Monday, 03.28.11 @ 02:42am | #94 |

It does change to unfavorite but when I click it nothing happens. It's still favorited.

Posted by Amber Leigh on Tuesday, 09.28.10 @ 00:36am | #86 |

I do use firefox. Still no go.

Posted by Amber Leigh on Monday, 09.27.10 @ 21:16pm | #84 |

I do. I was testing a theory on the badge before I found the right path and now... I can't UN-favorite them. Glitch my friend... glitch.

Posted by Amber Leigh on Sunday, 09.26.10 @ 14:26pm | #82 |

Good to be back boss!

Posted by Sound Peep on Tuesday, 07.13.10 @ 13:04pm | #74 |

You TOTALLY took my idea! I was gonna put my avatar as my image but I had issues with the upload! You suck!

Posted by Amber Leigh on Tuesday, 06.22.10 @ 23:51pm | #70 |

Oddly enough, a few days before the quiz was released, I inadvertently read a few wiki articles on early video games. Yes, that is what I do with my time D:

Posted by Kapporeth on Saturday, 04.17.10 @ 22:47pm | #63 |

Thanks, it's a Thrō-Dog. They're kind of like Frisbees, but dogs.

Posted by Curtis on Monday, 03.15.10 @ 11:35am | #48 |

Hey, yeah, no problem. I think as the site continues to grow, people who happen upon it will find a lot to do. I think the trouble is, most of the members at this point already know each other, so there isn't much point in forum activity.

Posted by Curtis on Sunday, 03.14.10 @ 19:55pm | #46 |

Thanks! I made it in... uh... 2005. Lulz.

Posted by Curtis on Monday, 01.25.10 @ 14:17pm | #30 |

Whatchu talkin' bout, Ydoc?

Posted by Kapporeth on Tuesday, 01.19.10 @ 00:32am | #22 |

When I look back on these comments in the future, I just want future-me to know that this site never had any problems at all and that I am a genius.

Posted by Ydoc Nameloc on Monday, 01.18.10 @ 14:17pm | #19 |

Lawl. I was wondering how you were earning the same badge twenty times in a row.

Posted by Kapporeth on Thursday, 01.14.10 @ 15:31pm | #11 |

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