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Ydoc Nameloc Glenn
Username : Gshaf
Real Name : Glenn Shaffer
Age : 48
Email :
Joined On : 2009-12-23
Last Seen : 2010-12-19
Twitter : None
Website :
Likes : Being EXTREMELY annoying to those I love dearly
Dislikes : Mucus
Favorite Quote : " Does this look infected?"
Description : I am completely normal and in no way scary or creepy. I am totally trustworthy and will keep your secrets and blood sample safe. You can count on me! : )
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Question DevourerQuestion LoverQuestion Clicker

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What is the Point of this Quiz: The Quiz(Classic) What Halloween special are you?What is your EARLY video game knowledge?

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lol, I was going to congratulate you for getting such a high score on the Early Game quiz...and then I noticed you're posting links to old commercials in your comments? What the cheese?

Posted by Ydoc Nameloc on Wednesday, 04.21.10 @ 01:23am | #64 |

Posted by Glenn on Sunday, 04.4.10 @ 06:27am | #60 |

Posted by Glenn on Sunday, 04.4.10 @ 06:22am | #59 |

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