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Ydoc NamelocKapporeth

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Ydoc Nameloc Kapporeth Sound Peep
Username : Curtis
Real Name : Curtis
Joined On : 2010-01-14
Last Seen : 2012-03-05
Likes : Coffee, Tea, Sushi, Latin, Fancy Cheeses, Weapons, Words, Pasta, Books, Music, Conspiracy Theories, Solitude, Dogs.
Dislikes : Intelligent People, Unintelligent People, Reccomendations, Beans, Adolescents, Useless Optimism, Being put on Speakerphone, Grues.
Favorite Quote : "Preceded by itself in quotation marks makes a complete sentence" preceded by itself in quotation marks makes a complete sentence.
Description : I'm in your noun, verbing your related noun.
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5 comments so far (post your own)

Dude your quizzes are the bees knees >_>
make more...

Posted by Sound Peep on Tuesday, 07.13.10 @ 16:35pm | #75 |

I agree. I also dig that you have an icon now! (EDITED)

Posted by Ydoc Nameloc on Sunday, 03.14.10 @ 22:44pm | #47 |

I thank you for your many attempts to get the community actually interacting. I'm sorry it has been less than successful thus far, but hopefully as time progresses and the site fleshes out all of that will change.

Posted by Ydoc Nameloc on Friday, 03.12.10 @ 22:40pm | #45 |

lol, ooooh. Recycling is cool...obviously.

Posted by Ydoc Nameloc on Monday, 01.25.10 @ 15:54pm | #31 |

Good job on your first quiz!

Posted by Ydoc Nameloc on Sunday, 01.24.10 @ 05:24am | #28 |

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