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The History of Ydoc Nameloc Interactive
Way back in the cold month of November 2002, Cody Coleman and his good friend Amy decided to start a website that would be a fun little time waster for their friends. They developed five web quizzes that were focused around anime and Cody's personal web-comic and threw them up on a free webhost. The site slowly gathered hits and kept things up at a moderate pace. Then, in May, Cody went on vacation for a week only to return to a boom in visitors. It quickly became obvious that the free webspace just was not going to cut it so they took on a few new helpers and bought some space at The team continued to work and it was here that permenant reviewer Laura and future forum admin Schala were taken on to aid YNI in their attempts to entertain the public. Soon developed some very loyal fans and the site's growth eventually became too much for agorahosting's servers and after long back and forth arguments it became time to move to The site loved it's new home, but in November of 2005 the combination of work and the staff's attempts to march through college became too much. After 3 years it was time for the YNI staff to say goodbye.

Life went on. Some of the staff finished up college. Cody became a professional voice over artist. Amy got married. Laura started a craft blog. The days of web-quizzes were behind them. In 2008 Cody began to think about starting things up again now that school was no longer zapping all his time. It wasn't until late 2009 that he finally got off his butt and started to do something about it. He gathered together most of the old group and a handful of new folks and began to work on a few new ideas. Most everyone had seen a shift in their interests and Cody knew that they needed to do far more than reviews and quizzes. So he worked up new ideas ranging from a site-encompassing game, a series of podcasts, and a home for his new comic. All of these would fall under the same umbrella and thus changed the name of the site to The Ydoc Nameloc Interactive Network! It is here that we stand hoping to deliver a constantly evolving form of entertainment with the same style you've been used to. Welcome home.

If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to use the "Contact Us" section linked to the left. Also we are working on an FAQ so you may check for that too as we may be done by the time you are reading this. Are you a plug-in developer for firefox, chrome, greasemonkey, or IE? Then if you have an idea for a theme or addon that would work great with this site then develop away and upload in the section designated to the left. After we review and determine it meets our minimal criteria, then we will be happy to support it! We really want our page to be exactly what you want it to be while maintaining the style of content and humor that we have been delivering since YNI started. You are why we are here.