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What is your comic book weapon?

In the past, we have touched on many different Weapon sets, But we have yet to touch on 1 of the most Unique sets of weapons... The ones that exist in comic books. So if you find yourself And having the pages of your favorite book, What weapon should you seek out? Let us see!

first off, a question that may seem weird. weapons or powers?


Giving your common use case, how big should your weapon be?

Big! It needs to be able to look impressive and cover a large distance!
Small! It needs to be easily concealed while packing a big punch.
Dude, it eats specific situation has a different need. I don't think I can choose.

Go ahead and choose a side : Marvel or DC?


Are you looking for something more along the lines of melee combat or ranged combat?

REally Long Ranged
I'm really good! I'm comfortable with all of the above!

You would mostly use this weapon to:

Question Suspects.
Slowdown enemies.
Do some powerful clobberin'.
Cut up some stuff.
Help the creation of other things.
Help me obtain the things that I want in a non-violent way.
Disarm a foe!

Would you want a weapon if only you could use it... you know, if you couldn't share it with someone?

Heck yeah, that would rule
Nope, sometimes I need to let my teamates use my stuff.

Do you like it when a hero's weapon has vulnerabilities, where do you like something a bit less realistic?

I like to relate to my hero, so vulnerable it is.
Nah! Kicking ass is the name of the game, vulnerability is for suckers.

Where should your weapon come from?

The gods!
I made it!
My body!
Outer space!
I don't long as I earned it!

Lastly, how do you feel about glowy stuff?

It's rad! I can see in the dark now!
It sucks! Now my enemies can see me in the dark!