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What video game controller are you?

Games would be kinda ponitless if you couldn't interact with them. Life would also be pretty dumb if you couldn't interact with it. So let us pretend you are a controller...which one do you most represent...out of the ones I've chosen.

So we will start this quiz off the way we often start off YNIN quizzes. Male or Female...or at least which one do you relate to more?


So how complex are you?

I'm pretty complex. It takes a while for people to figure me out...assuming they can at all.
I seem more confusing than I really am.
If you just sit down and talk to me for a little bit, you can at least feel comfortable with me.
Pretty much as soon as people see me they have me figured out.
Once people think they have me figured out, I'll change things up again.

How easy is it for people to annoy you?

Lots of things kinda irk me, but there's no way people could poke at all of them at once.
Nothing bothers me, my friend...I just go with the flooooow.
Ugh, people are constantly walking all over me. That's what really gets to me.
I'm really only bothered by one or two things, but once people figure out what does's hard to get them to leave it alone.
Poking at all my issues just seems WAY too easy.
I annoy no more or less easily than your average person...I guess.
I don't like talking about this. Give me some mp3s or CDs and let us just chill out.

Do you ever accessorize?

Holy crap yes!
No, never. What I am is all that you need.
I...I feel like an accessory myself.
Maybe a little...
You know...You would think that I wouldn't...but I totally do.

At your job/school, do you go above and beyond your given assignment?

I often times do so much more that I forget what the original intent was.
I do a little more than is expected of me, but not much.
Nah, I do what I was sent to do...well at least most of the time.
I usually tackle multiple assignments at I buess the answer is...not really?

Do you listen when other people talk?

Of course I do! I am a good listener.
On average...noooot really. Communication isn't my strong point.
Nah, but I can talk like nobody's business!

By default, do you often stray far from your home?

Nah, I don't go much past my yard if I don't have to.
Sure thing, I go out into town regularly.
I'll go out into town, but I feel odd if I don't have the right stuff with me.
Home? I don't stray out of my room if I don't have to.
It really just depends on my mood.

Pick a game type.

Rail Shooter
Sidescrolling Platformer
3D Platformer

The light is on and you are on the sofa. You feel the need to turn said light off...what do you do?

I probably have a power strip near me that the lamp is plugged into. I just flip that switch.
The clapper
I get up and turn it off...duh
I may be done with the light, but probably not the fan (We are working with a ceiling fan in this particular scenario). So I make sure I only turn off one but not the other.
The lamp is probably right next to me. I'll just turn it off and stay sitting too.

Have you ever been known as snuggly/cuddly/comfy?

Quite the opposite really.
No, but people don't seem to think I'm the opposite of such either.
People just seem to find me awkward to cuddle up next to. Once we find our groove, however, it is on!
I'm like everyone's one way ticket to cuddle heaven.

Pick a technology you want to have in your phone. Many of these are standard, but if you had to pick one...

Auxiliary / headphone jack
The ability to tell how close it is to your face so it can auto-lock.
Hardware Keyboard
Ability to track how far you have walked.
Notification by LED color
MP3 Tones
An innovative design!
What? ...I don't need any of that stuff.

Do you fidget much?

I don't, but everyone around me does. GAH!
If you give me caffine...yes.