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What creepy cartoon character are you?

So it is Halloween time, and we already covered animated specials a long time ago. While there are a few new ones of note...not enough to warrant us going back down that path. We also tackled creepy anime characters back in the early 2000s. However, we have not branched out into the broad world of cartoons...what animated character that gives the world the heebie jeebies do you relate to most? Let us find out!

First off, an easy one. Are you male or female?


What kind of mood are you generally in?

I tend to be in a mood for mischief.
Well baby, I am usually looking to get my flirt on.
I typically try to expand my mental horizons. In other words, I want to learn.
I dunno, I am usually just happy.
I'm usually fine. Not happy. Not sad. Not angry...etc. Just...fine.
GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME...I mean...I'm a bit ...let's just say touchy

I...I just want to :

make my parents proud.
make people beautiful!
help people.
make people laugh.
relay tales in as epic a way as possible.
mess with people.
fall in love.
show my dominance over all other forms of life.
be free.
get through the day.

Okay, your heart...that thing in your chest....yeah that! Of the following, what best describes it?

Equal amounts of both

How attatched to your body parts are you?

'eh, not very. If I were to lose one it might suck but I think I'll live.
Well I don't really want to lose them, but I'm not above cutting into them sometimes.
I need them! However I sometimes get the impression that they don't really need me.
Um...they're kinda attatched to me and I would kinda prefer they stay that way. Why do you ask? Do I need to call the police?
The more body parts I have, the better. In-fact, are you done with yours?

What best describes your relationship with your friends?

We are insanely close. I wouldn't be surprised if we finished each other's sentences.
We're pretty close, I guess. That said, it isn't like we are attatched at the hip or anything.
I tend to like them more than they like me.
They tend to like me more than I like them.
What friends?
I have friends...but they seem to be kinda afraid of me.

If you were to say you had one of the following conditions, what would it be?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Generic mommy/daddy didn't love me enough issues
Misanthropy (dislike of other people)

Hello, I am Ydoc. I use this question a lot. Weapons or powers?

I don't do violence

Let us pretend you picked powers. Which power would you prefer?

The power to influence people's emotions
Mad science! Shuddup! It can lead to powers!
Mind control
Dude...powers are lame

Pick one.

A collection from my favorite comic strip series.
Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven"
The libretto for Sweeny Todd
Romeo and Juliet
How To Lose Friends and Alienate People
Paul Bunyan
Smart Girl's Guide to Starting Middle School
The Graduate