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What is your video game job?

Now we aren't talking jobs in the video game industry. We're talking jobs that exist in video game worlds. Which one should you take? Let us see!

What is your strongest motivating factor?

Not getting punished!
To be the best!
To stop evil!
To make everyone happy!
To BE evil.
To overcome fear...
To further knowledge.
Money...I am motivated in my is this the last answer?

Let us assume money is important. How would you go about obtaining said money in your job?

I would collect it off of the bodies of those whome I have defeated!
I would collect it from those that look up to me.
I take it!
In exchange for goods and services...
For winning in contests
I just grab it on my way to wherever I am going!
What money?

Would you take a manual labor job or something a little more intellectual?

I'm more of a thinker.
Nothing quite like putting your back into something!
Well...MY part of the job won't be very manual-labory.
Dude, I use both my brain and brawn all the time. I can't do one without the other.
I just sorta wait until something happens.

How did you find yourself obtaining your current job?

My family gave it to me.
My family forced it on me.
I sorta fell in it. I never asked for this!
I followed a dream I had since I was a little kid.
I was kidnapped and enslaved.
I took it...that's what I do.

Does your job need to have some sort of an honorable higher calling to it, or is the day to day grind okay for you?

Higher calling all the way. What I do needs to mean something.
Day to day grind is fine. I can find meaning in other things.

When you fail, do you keep going?

I'm not perfect, but I always seem to pull myself back up after I fall.
I never fail.
I'll times, but then I give up.

Do you think a little professional competition is good, or should you be the only game in town?

Only game in town!
I gotta stay on my toes or I'll never improve! Competition is good!

Is it better to rely on yourself or is it okay to have others help you?

I can't make it on my own. I get by with a little help from my friends!
It's me and only me! Other people only disappoint!

More often than not, as fate would have it, do you find yourself in the right place at the right time, or the wrong place at the wrong time?

I tend to find myself exactly where I need to be at any given moment.
I tend to be at the wrong place at the wrong time pretty frequently.
I don't believe in fate. I work really hard to get to where I need to be and it is more rewarding for it.

Would you be into it if your job wanted you to go into outer space?

Heck no! My feet need stay planted on land! You crazy!?
Space sounds awesome! Sign me up!

Lastly, when you are not working what do you do for fun?

Standing in someone else's shadow!
Sitting alone with my thoughts.
Training for when I will work again.
Go karts!
What free time?