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How well do you STILL know video game plots?

Back in March of 2012 we went over a handful of video game plots to see how you would do placing them with their games. Well, now we're doing it again!

1.) An evil emperor has taken over an alien world. He rules his subjects with an iron fist, but one of them escapes to Earth. There he meets a young boy who helps him free his home world in exchange for a little help on a quest of his own. They are aided by the alienís ability to shape shift upon eating specially flavored candies.

A Boy and His Blob
Project X
Joe and MAx
Chrono Trigger
Adventure Island

2.) A genius scientist creates a sentient robot capable of real human consideration and thought. Fearing that his creation might turn to evil, or may be shunned by humanity for being different even if he should remain on the path toward becoming their savior, the benevolent scientist sealed him away in a diagnostic tube. 100 years later, after the same technology had been used on a number of other robots that turned evil, the scientistís creation was awakened to battle along the side of a laser sword wielding companion for the good of humanity.

Megaman 8
Megaman Zero
Megaman 7
Megaman X
Megaman 64
Megaman Legends

3.) A warrior is awakened by a magical sword and is unable to remember who he is. He fights using said sword and its furry flying protector to save the world's citizens and the unjustly shunned while struggling to fight off a slowly revealing dark past.

Crazy Taxi
Dust an Elysian Tail

4.) A round hero sets out to save his home land from a team of invading ghosts. While originally very vulnerable, he gains unstoppable strength with the aid of glowing orbs.

Deep Rift

5.) This game follows the back story of the franchiseís most popular character. This assassin is sent by his tribe to retrieve a stolen map and along the way brutally murders his rival. This leads him to a series of attacks and betrayals that send him to an alternate world where he is forced to fight the ghost of his ninja enemy.

Mortal Kombat Mythologies
Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks
Ninja Gaiden

6.) After winning a contest he didnít remember entering, a character that is traditionally a side-kick becomes the hero as he must search for his missing brother amid swarms of the angry ghosts that already reside there.

Knuckles Chaotix
Luigi's Mansion
Mario is Missing
Cool Spot
Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks

7.) A soda mascot goes on a voyage to collect as much of his companyís namesake as possible. He fights by shooting bubbles, jumping, and slapping. Cool Spot

Cool Spot
Yo! Noid!
Avoid the Noid
Dr. Pepper and His Quest
Bubble Bobble

8.) A lovable yet clueless guy drags his girlfriend to see a movie she would really rather not see. While the girlfriend tries to get our hero to pay more attention to her than the movie, the filmís villain reaches through the screen and kidnaps her. The Oaf follows her into the screen where he is granted super powers by his movie idol. Now he must find and rescue the lady in distress.

Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage
Super Star Wars
Silver Screen
Scene it Movies
Viewtiful Joe

9.) A team of kids and their friends traverse time attempting to stop a horrible apocalypse from a creature that has lived underneath the surface of the Earth for centuries.

Turtles in Time
Bubble Bobble
Time Gal
Time Girl
Chrono Trigger

10.) A bunch of ferocious feathered creatures must save their shelled unborn children from a bunch of sneaky swine.

Angry Birds Rio
Angry Frogs
Angry Birds
Banjo Kazooie
Street Fighter