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What Will Your Holiday Gift Be (2012)?

Last year we looked at a few things that I could get you for the holidays. Now we're going to do this again!

First off, are you a lady or a dude?

I am a girl, but hardly a lady!

In the past, your favorite gifts have been:

From A Child

How useful would you like your gift to be?

Very useful. It needs to really help out in most aspects of my day to day life.
Kinda useful. As long as it serves one purpose well for a while then that's fine. I don't need it to be fun or anything.
I need my gifts to be fun AND useful...but more fun than useful.
Not useful at all. All fun all the time baby!
What the hell kind of question is this!?

How many parts are you okay with your gift having?

A TON! Some assembly is required.
Enough to look impressive on a table.
Just enough that I can transport the whole thing in my arms.
One...just....just one.
None! Parts are dumb!

How do you feel about batteries?

Batteries are fine!
Not unless they are built in!
Maybe to power the lights that will constantly shine on what is no doubt an exquisite work of beauty.
Who the hell likes batteries?
You get me batteries and I will friggin cut you!

Okay, let us get serious for a minute here. If you were to defend the world with your gift, how would you most like to do it?

I wouldn't defend the world...I would enjoy what is left of life and let someone else handle it. I'm not Superman.
I would pop out all the pieces and use them as projectiles and tripping agents to subdue the villainous threat.
I would annoy the crap out of the threat until it took care of itself.
I'd use special attatchments to turn one part into a weapon and another into a sheild while a third part played heroic music as I battled.
I would use its creepy nature to scare off whatever threat was being...umm...threatening.
I would use the gift as a way to find out everything I could about the villain so I could bring it down from the inside.
I would use the gift to will the villain into having a heart attack.

What state of being would you like your gift to take care of for you?

Having empty space on my wall and or table
I would like it to make me cooler than everyone associated with YNIN.

Be honest, how good have you really been this year?

I have been wonderful!
I have been okay I guess.
I've been kind of bad actually.
I've been a real jerk.

Should your gift remind you of your past?

Yeah! I love nostalgia!
Like...recent past? past was full of broken things and no.
I live in the moment, fool!
I'm always looking forward. It's the future for me baby!