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What MMORPG do you belong in?

Okay, a while back I promised that I would finally get around to making a quiz for all of you mmo fans and now is the time! This quiz looks at a small handful of 8 MMORPGs and sees which one you most belong in. Note there are MANY popular MMORPGs so your favorite may not be in here...even if it is huge while a potentially smaller MMO may be thrown in to keep things different enough.

While it may seem like this is one normal YNIN question that won't work in this quiz, I'm going to ask it anyway. Weapons or Powers?

Primarily Weapons
Primarily Powers

If you could live in the past, present or future...which would it be.

The present is so terrible...Things were so much better back in the time I have probably a warped memory/idea of.
There's no time like the present! I live for the now, baby!
The future is bright! Keep moving forward!

You have some free time. Indulge in one.

Comic Books
Encyclopedias! I wanna get smarts! games...Are you dense? This is a VIDEO GAME QUIZ!

Fight one!

Evil versions of heroic figures!
Space Ships!

Let's talk money systems...

I like a lot of cultures so I enjoy being able to buy things in multiple currencies!
I like things to be pretty simple. I really only want to have to keep up with one method of paying for things.
Just...just let the free market keep track of things. Keep your silly mits and rules off the money and I'm good.
...I don't pay for things.

Play games on one:

Stand Alone application

How do you feel abut licensed video games...or, in other words, games based off of already established properties?

They tend to be terrible.
I don't mind them! I love being able to walk along-side characters I already love!
It's okay just so long as it focuses more on the world than the characters.
They're great if they can take the idea of the franchise and create a very different way at looking at locations and characters.

How do you feel about fighting other players?

It shouldn't be allowed! Players should only help other players...not hurt them.
As long as it is limited to certain arenas, that's okay.
Just keep it limited to PvP servers and I'm cool.

Let us assume you do partake of some PvP and you win! What would you do?

I dance a happy dance.
Plant a flag in their butts.
Make a happy face!
I pee on my enemy's corpse.
I calm down because my heart is likely racing...collect my loot from the dust of their remains and move on.
Well I don't agree to fight so I'm actually more than likely the dead one.

I prefer to play a character that looks like :

A normal human being.
An anime character
A cartoony character
An animal
The height of technology
A fantastic creature of unknown origin!