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What leftover Disney villain are you?

This quiz should also be called, what Disney ANIMAL villain are you really.

First and foremost, motivation. Motivation is KEY. Tell us what is it you want?

The world
Money AND Power, how can I just pick one?
Do I really need a reason to be bad? Can't I just BE?

Who is your enemy?

My lover
My sibling
Someone easy to pick on
The person that has what I want
I don't really know them, I just hate them

What exactly did you enemy DO to you?

They exist
They stole from me
They refuse to listen to me
The took everything from me
Come to think of it, nothing

What is your main DEFENSE against your enemy?

My fists
I run REALLY fast
A human shield made of lesser people that don't really matter

What is your main ATTACK against your enemy?

Brute force
Power and position
My brains (and style)

A classic YNIN question! Powers or weapons?


Why are you so evil?

I'm very bitter
I'm just greedy
I was just born evil
I was corrupted by its allure

Are you going to try and kill your enemy right up front or toy with them a bit first?

Right to the point. Bye, bye good guy!
Just a little bit of toying with them before I get to it.
I gloat for a long while. Possibly tell them all about my wicked plot first. Not like they are gonna get away, right?
Not ONLY do I gloat and monologue telling them my entire plot. Oh no. Step further. I then place them in a slow death trap and leave before I make sure that they don't escape. I mean REALLY, what are the chances that they would ever escape my death trap?!

Do you work alone?

No... I have minions that do the work for me

How do you finish the evil job?

With my weapon of choice
I finish it with my own two hands
With never ending torment and torture
I always finish with a good old evil laugh, BWAHAHAHA!

Do you like to sing?


Torture is fun. How are you going to torture your enemy?

Slowly and wickedly
Scare their pants off!
It's more torturous for me then for them
Hurt their loved ones. Strike at the heart, DUH!
Skip the torture, straight to the killing! KILL THEM!
I hear torture and I'm think time to beat someone to a blood pile

Now let's just say the hero defeats you. JUST SAYING! Not like that would ever happen BUT if it did though, what would happen to you?

Eaten alive
I'm going out with a BANG
I'm going out in a blaze of glory
My minions will likely tire of me and turn on me
I get a boo boo and move on. Till tomorrow my enemy!
Jail isn't so bad. At least I'll get three meals a day.
Only way I am going out is over my dead body. Literally.
There is no but. I don't lose. I win. The End.