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What Mario henchman are you?

If not for these baddies, who would help the bad guy block Mario's path from saving Princess Peach... yet AGAIN.

We know you are bad, that could go without saying really, but just HOW bad are you?

Just a little bit
A fair amount of bad in me
To the bone

Are you well known by many people?

Everyone knows me
Yeah, people know me I guess but quite a few never remember my name
Nobody knows who I am... FEEL BAD FOR ME!

How physically strong are you?

Worlds Strongest {insert correct gender here}
Stronger than average
I'm so weak I have to be careful I don't break in two sometimes

Sharp or dull?


If you were in a fight, how would you likely defend yourself?

My overwhelming size
I'm more likely to use my brain
This is my friend.... Bob. Bob will be fighting my battles for me.
I use my feet... cus I am running away as fast as I can!
Watch out, I bite
I come prepared with a big stick to keep my target at a safe distance from me
I just need my fists to win this fight

Look! A color question! What color do you think you look best in (of the following)?


How approachable are you?

People avoid me like the plague!
People approch but then run when they get a better look at me
They are a litte hesitant but the usually decide to face me head on
I just look so harmless they don't think twice about coming near me... and then I STRIKE! Mwahaha!

If someone looked at you, just looked at you, would they think you are a bad buy?

Yes, it's clear to see
They may not be sure if I am on their side or not with JUST a look
How could someone as innocent looking as me be bad? And THAT'S how I get 'em

Are you a pushover?


Repeat question from this quiz's kind of sister quiz... have you seen the live action Super Mario Brothers Movie?

There was a movie? How many Academy Awards did a masterpiece like that win?