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Memories: an Anime Trio of Wow, LoL and Meh
3.5/5 | added 2010-3-14 | by LauLau
So for my first review in the brand new YNIN, I am tackling three movies within a movie. The movie is called Memories and it is made up of three short stories: Magnetic Rose, Stink Bomb and Cannon Fodder. All are under the direction of artist and director Katsuhiro Otomo. Plot-wise, the movies are nothing alike, so don't expect anything pulling these three together. One of the movies I hated, one I thought was cute and one I absolutely fell in love with.
Plot 4/5
The first installment is a terrific suspense film . At times it reminded me of Planetes, then Cowboy Bebop, then Paprika. And yes, its up there with CB and Paprika(which I've yet to review). The plot centers on trash collectors in outer space that run into a peculiar abandoned space station. Soon they find out that the station has a very very old inhabitant...and that everything they know to be true, might not be. This one kept me at the edge of my seat and just kept me in awe. A masterpiece.

Stink Bomb is funny. It's actually downright hilarious. If you do not expect the intricacy and quality of the Magnetic Rose plot then I'm sure you will enjoy it. It is more of a lighthearted story than anything else and does not look to make any grand statements. The main character in Stink Bomb is a gangly little scientist that survives a biological disaster and needs to bring the antidote to the rest of the world...before they all perish.

Cannon Fodder's plot is a completely different story. Honestly, I did not really care for Cannon Fodder. The movie starts by introducing you to a little boy in a cannon-dominated world. I thought it would be interesting to see this boy live in such an environment, but the movie soon turned into "How to setup a giant cannon". Really. Minutes upon minutes of how to setup a giant cannon. Meh.
Characters 3/5
Magnetic Rose: So I know I care about a movie if I start talking to the characters from my side of the TV. The main characters in this story kept me engaged and I caught myself yelling at them every now and then... stuff like "DONT GO IN THERE!" and "LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!". The good guys are relatable and the bad guys are relatable. Lots of quality even if you do not have too many characters.

Stink Bomb: Being the silly comedy that it is, Stink Bomb didn't invest as much in its characters as Magnetic Rose does. Still, the characters range from a silly Japanese scientist to a random African American army general to a funny little granny. Nothing you wouldn't expect but the characters do have quirks that add to the humor in the story.

Cannon Fodder: While I started watching this bit I thought the character I was supposed to care about was a 5 year old daydreamer...which was fine because there's a 5 year old daydreamer in all of us. Instead, those hopes were torn away when the story switched gears completely and made me stare a cannon for 15 minutes. I don't care for cannons in case you cant tell.
Art/Visuals 4/5
Magnetic Rose:Holy cheesus....the art in this film was out of this world. The whole story revolves around the majesty of music and beauty in memories and that is exactly what the art reflects, sheer majesty. The art takes you to the story and moves you through an insane range of emotions. I really hadn't seen art this good in a long time, and this was from way back when!

Stink Bomb: Pretty mediocre anime really. But I don't think they were looking to invest a lot in the art itself. This film focuses a lot on the story and the characters so its quite forgivable. However, some of the scenes in the story really use the surrounding environment in an excellent way that portrays the whole mood and plot of the story quite well.

Cannon Fodder: Now, even though I hate the plot of Cannon Fodder, and the characters are certainly not something to write home about, the art was superb. Definitely not what I was expecting...not what I would prefer in "anime", but it really deserves some credit. The art resembles something like depressing sketches and they really put you in the miserable situation the characters are in. I also enjoyed looking at the font in the characters' world and figuring it out.
Final Thoughts 3.5/5
Magnetic Rose - Watch this one! Period. You will thank me. I said WATCH IT.

Stink Bomb - Watch this one if you have time and feel like laughing a bit.

Cannon Fodder - Meh. Watch this one if you have a thing for cannons. Maybe.

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I haven't watched this in a loooong time, but I pretty much agree with the review. I remember Cannon Fodder being dismal and boring. The obvious social/political commentary was just a little too poignant, to the point where it felt like my intelligence was being insulted.

The main thing I remember about Magnetic Rose was the music, which seemed kind of reminiscent of Puccini. I probably would have appreciated the story more if System Shock hadn't come out a year before with a very similar theme.

Oddly enough, I didn't remember Stink Bomb at all until reading this review, and I still can't remember how I felt about it at the time.

Posted by Curtis on Thursday, 03.18.10 @ 11:32am | #50 |

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