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Warioware D.I.Y.
4/5 | added 2010-4-15 | by LauLau
Warioware D.I.Y. is the newest installment in the Warioware games. In this game you can create, ship and share video games, music records and even comics!
Making Games 4/5
The main point of this to make games, and it really went all out to provide options for you. The learning curve is steep, and the tutorials are longer than I cared for, but I didnt see any places where they could take any shortcuts. The options for creating game elements, while finite, were quite extensive and flexible. I really recommend looking at the weekly downloadable content, to get ideas on what can be done and the extent to which you can be creative. I was very impressed with how simple they made the entire AI portion of game making. At first it was intimidating but once you start making games, quite easy to follow. A great way to practice making art for the games was working as a freelance artist for Wario. If you want to get good at AI, there's a secret DOJO that opens up and gives you plenty of challenges.
Making Music 4/5
Making music in this game seems to have limitless options in terms of composing, sound effects available and help provided. If you are a pro, Im sure you will find all the tools you need to compose a masterpiece. For those like myself, who are less gifted in this area, but still want some music for their games, there is the Maestro and the Hummingbird feature. The Maestro makes up music depending on the modd you want. The hummingbird feature lets you hum a tune into the DS (really awkward the first few times) and it will take down the notes for you tune. The Humminbird feature hasnt worked 100% for me, but Im not sure if I just need more practice.
Making Comics 3/5
This is the most limited aspect in my opinion. While Nintendo made is as flexible as was possible, you are limited to four panels and black and white colors. I would have really liked to chose my panels (even if they only allowed four or less) and colors would be fantastic too. The comics portion comes with preloaded graphics, like speech bubbles and stamps for those that would rather focus on the story.
Replay Value 5/5
The replay value of this game depends largely on your interest in making video games, music or comics. You can also download weekly games made by Nintendo professionals or join a themed contest. Sharing games is slightly limited, with only two game slots for sharing games at a time. Still, once you get the hang of this game you will be coming back and back for more. A worthwhile purchase.
Final Thoughts 4/5
While sharing is limited to two games at a time and comic making needs a little bit more than it has, this is a great game for someone that wants to make video game ideas come to life quickly. If you are gifted in video game logic, music or comic making, you need to try this out!

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