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(Classic) Nightwalker
4.5/5 | added 2010-1-13 | by LauLau
(originally posted October of 2003)

Here is where the introduction to the review will go. It'll be all funkay and also fresh. Who knew? I did and I bet the rest of the world did too. That's not to say you are no no, quite to the contrary. Just because you cannot figure things out like the rest of us simply means that you are gifted and not, in fact, dumb as a doornail. Okay, that is enough babbling.
Story/Overview 5/5
Nightwalker is a dark anime series that tells the story of Shido, a vampire that works late at night (for obvious reasons) as a detective. His trusty comrade, who’s also in a way the object of his affection, is Yayoi, a lovely woman immune to vampire bites (convenient, huh?) ,who supplies Shido with blood every once in a while. And lastly there’s also Liho, a high school girl that works as Shido’s secretary, is in love with Shido and cooks a whole lot worse than she thinks. Oh yes, there’s also Guni, an fairy that acts as Shido’s "conscience" (even though she hardly gives him any useful advice…).

Oh yes...I almost forgot...Shido uses a sword made out from his own blood. He bites his finger and voila! A deadly sword...that happens to look very,very cool.

Anyway...Shido, whose stylish sexiness amazes even me, specifically investigates strange murders that could be linked in anyway to a Breed. What is a "Breed" you ask? Well it’s nothing but a terrifying monster that possesses anything (anything from people(dead or alive) to poor little pigeons…) and kills practically anything in its path... And of course, there's also the evil Cain...the vampire who turned Shido into a vampire and robbed him of his memories. But enough of that, I’ll let you find out the rest on you own…
Voices/Acting 4/5
The original Japanese voice acting is great. Shido’s elegant voice matches his personality wonderfully. In his case the producers really succeeded at mixing elegancy, style and that “tortured-soul feel” in just the right amounts. Liho and Yayoi have typical voices, so I really have nothing to say there, other than the fact that Liho’s voice is annoyingly perky. My favorite voice acting, however, is Guni’s. I really can’t help but smile every time she starts blabbing about something…
Music/Sound 4/5
Some of the musical choices for this series seemed a bit strange at first. The closing credits were the ones that confused the most. Here I was, watching a show about blood and vampires when this cute little song comes at the end. My only assumption is that the song is meant to show the nice, caring wonderful side of all vampires (aww…). Anyway, the rest of the music is wonderfully scary, particularly the ones they use every time a Breed appears.
Animation 5/5
To the untrained eye the animation might seem like the type seen in ordinary anime series, but I must point out that I find that some of the scenes (especially the ones with blood, dead and/or possessed people, etc., etc.) to be some of the scariest I have seen. The color choice made all the difference in the world and I must admit that in one episode, where Breed possesses the pigeon I mentioned before, I felt nothing short of nauseated…seriously. Shido’s flashback scenes are also wonderful because, like I said before, the color choices really make you get the feel of the moment.
Final Thoughts 4.5/5
In conclusion, this is a wonderful series. If you’re really into dark anime, Nightwalker is a must. If your anime choices are around the lines of Hamtaro, then you should really just go home and hide…seriously. All in all, the series is amazingly scary and bloody. The plot is wonderful and Shido’s story was written with amazing depth. After watching it I actually felt like going outside and making some vampire friends. I’d really recommend anyone willing to get a little scared to watch a couple of episodes (in the dark and all alone). Especially the one with the pigeon. Possessed pigeons are so scary they’re cool.

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