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(Classic) Silent Hill 3
4/5 | added 2010-1-13 | by LauLau
(originally written in March of 2004)

Platform: PS2
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Rating: M (Mature)

*Some images in this game are considered violent and cruel*
Story/Overview 4/5
Okay, so telling you the entire story would spoil the fun in the game… So, all I will tell you is that you play as Heather. She’s an ordinary 17-year-old girl…with a mysterious past (surprise, surprise…) a mysterious family and a magical pendant she got from her father. A while after the game begins you meet Vincent…a “creepy guy” that knows EVERYTHING and is apparently stalking you. Of course, there are these wonderful little monsters that pop out of everywhere and are obviously trying to kill you.

The main point: is this game scary? Well…yes…and no…To put it the same way many people have put it: “This game is disturbing.” Seriously…it’s not the fact that there’s blood all over place and there are dead “dolls” and things hanging around everywhere; it’s the fact that the monsters don’t really have a distinct shape. For all I know…I was being attacked by something covered in blood, with a head, three arms and a strangely bent leg. Mind you, there will be moments where you really won’t even want to look around the corner…But all in all, it’s pretty damn disturbing and those with weak constitutions should NOT try to play this game.
Voices/Characters 3/5
Eh…I guess the voices were okay…nothing out of this world…Vincent (creepy guy that knows EVERYTHING) really annoyed me for some reason…but Heather is, in my opinion, a very realistic character. Her responses are not that incongruous with those of any other teenager and the way she reacts to her environment is believable.
Music/Sound 5/5
Very good music…It’s not your typical kind of creepy music. I’d call it creepy-techno (the intro music). During gameplay the music is not that noticeable, mainly because of the fact that you have to be listening for the “things” that are after you. The sound effects are superb…sometimes you’ll hear these weird moans (like someone dying), or some scratching on the wall. To tell you the truth, sometimes the sounds scared me more than the actual monsters/things.
Animation 5/5
Surprisingly good…Actually, incredibly good…Heather and all the other human characters move nearly-perfectly. The monsters move rather spastically, but it only makes them look even scarier…
Gameplay 3/5
Before you try to kill me for giving it 3/5 just listen to me for a second. Here’s the deal…The gameplay is good. There’s nothing wrong with it, but there’s nothing that stands out. Navigating around is pretty easy, but sometimes it can get kind of boring. Once, I found myself falling asleep on the mall level…every single place looked the same and I really didn’t even want to go on playing. The way in which your items, weapons and other stuff were arranged was pretty ordinary also. That was, in my opinion, the only disappointing bit about this game.
Final Thoughts 4/5
There are many varying opinions about this game. Some gamers think that Heather is a boring and mediocre character (even though I disagree). Some people say it lives up to the previous two games and some say that the storyline isn’t that comprehensible in the beginning. There’s even a religious element to this game that some people don’t seem to like. In my humble opinion, I think this is a very good game. While it doesn’t keep you frightened hours after you’ve played it, it’s definitely worth a shot. Try playing it in a dark room, at night and alone …That’ll scare you for sure…

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