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(Classic) Serial Experiments Lain
4.5/5 | added 2010-1-13 | by LauLau
(originally posted August 2004)

English Version Directed By: Lia SargentM
Publisher: Pioneer

**This series contains mature themes like suicide and drugs; contains blood and some violence. **
Story/Overview 5/5
Serial Experiments Lain is a series that I was afraid of (there I said it…). I really never thought I could understand it completely and I really didn’t get many things in some of the episodes I saw. Now, after watching it with an open mind and doing some research I’ve discovered something: it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand this series completely. The fact of the matter is that Lain (a 13-year old girl and the main character) doesn’t understand the world she lives in. This search for the truth leads her to “The Wired” (The series’ version of the internet). The series is made up of layers (episodes) in which Lain explores the Wired and her own world.

It all begins when several students receive an e-mail from a dead classmate. Everyone believes it to be a joke, but Lain decides to investigate further. As she tries to find out why dead people are sending her e-mails she starts discovering things about herself and she also realizes that her world and the Wired are not really that different at all…

As for the plot? Please! Like I could give the plot anything less than five! In a world where trivial and unintelligent TV series abound, I was really glad to see a series (and an anime series at that!) that dealt with some of the most important topics ever: Finding out who we are and why we are here…
Voices/Acting 4/5
Lain Iwakura - Kaori Shimizu(J)/Ruby Marlowe(E)
Mika Iwakura - Ayako Kawasumi(J)/Patricia Ja Lee(E)
Miho Iwakura - Rei Igarashi(J)/Celeste Burch(E)
Yasuo Iwakura - Ryunosuke Ohbayashi(J)/Gil Starberry(E)
Alice Mizuki - Yoko Asada(J)/Emily Brown(E)
JJ - Ari Morizumi(J)/Christy Mathewson(E)
Reika Yamamoto - Chiharu Tezuka(J)/Lenore Zann(E)
Taro - Keito Takimoto(J)/Brianne Siddall(E)
Yomada Chisa - Kotomi Muto(J)/Lia Sargent(E)
Masami Eiri - Sho Hayami(J)/Sean Thornton(E)
Myu-Myu - Yuki Yamamoto(J)/Sandy Fox(E)

I saw the English dubbing (and even the Spanish dubbing!) and to tell you the truth it was very good. In my opinion, the voices suited each character and the situations they were in nearly perfectly.
Music/Sound 5/5
The music is excellent…I thought that the music wouldn’t be that good since this was a series that placed a lot of importance on it’s content…but I was WRONG.. very, very wrong. The opening theme (Duvet) is really awesome and there’re a lot of alternative music in the series…
Animation 5/5
The animation was really one of the things that drew me to this series (it is simply amazing). It’s dark color and somber mood may drive ordinary viewers away, but you must know that this is a series that deals with strong and unknown topics...sooooo the confusion of images and dark colors only makes it better.
Final Thoughts 4.5/5
What can I say…this series is great! It is very under appreciated if you ask me. I was relived to see real characters asking real questions...even if they where in a sci-fi environment. The series hooked me in a way that, at times, I couldn’t even tell whether Lain was in the wired or in the real world. So I say it again: watch this series thoroughly and enjoy every bit of it. Don’t get frustrated or insulted if you don’t understand it entirely. Lain herself doesn’t understand everything; so just focus on enjoying the show I'm sure you will.

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